Hồ Chí Minh Tuyển Supplier Sourcing - Code: SS-KTG

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    GPO is currently looking for qualified candidates for the position:

    Supplier Sourcing - Code: SS-KTG

    Salary: from $ 1,000
    Working place: District 5, Ho Chi Minh City
    Company scope of business: Welding materials, wood and industrial equipment
    Job description:

    • Search, evaluate, select, negotiate prices and contract with international suppliers (from countries like USA, Europe, China) about welding materials, industrial wood, tools industrial equipment
    • Processing orders: coordinating the inspection department of order inspection; send the order to supplier; Verify and compare quotations.
    • Price negotiation with local and foreign suppliers.
    • Make good inventory of goods, goods, finished goods monthly or irregular
    • Ordering the concerned parties to set up the goods receipt dossier
    • Responsible for the training, assessment and development of staff attached
    Job requirements:

    • University degree in technical, encyclopedia, mechanics, automation
    • Having at least 10 years of technical experience and in purchasing positions, looking for suppliers in manufacturing companies, welding materials, wood, industrial equipment.
    • Good English communication, able to take initiative in dealing and negotiating with suppliers
    • Good at skills of communication, negotiation, good negotiation, ability to work under the pressure and high
    • CV must be sent in English

    • Competitive Salary from $1000 based on performance and competences
    • Good working environment, allowances and other general policies of the company
    • Social insurance - Health insurance, attractive bonus according to company policies and regulations

    • Interested candidates should send CV to rec3.gpo@gmail.com with the subject: Name - Year of birth - Position of application (Nguyen Quang Khai - 1979 – SS-KTG).
    • Contact: 024-71096868 or Zalo – Viber – Skype: 0986306517
    • Details: http://gpo.com.vn/vi/supplier-sourcing-code-ss-ktg/
    • Early application/CVs will be in early process of recruitment