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    Republican presidential candidates thanked supporters at the Iowa caucuses

    Bygone Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has narrowly won the inception elector via US Republican festivity supporters in the method to conclusion a presidential nominee for this year's election.

    He finished solely eight votes at the of old senator Rick Santorum in the rustic Midwest augustness of Iowa.

    Ron Paul was third and Newt Gingrich fourth. Rick Perry came fifth and is looking at the later of his campaign.

    Michele Bachmann, who came sixth, is to hold good a communication seminar later.

    The Minnesota congresswoman is cancelling her drive false step to South Carolina, her call into question forewoman said.

    The Hawkeye grandeur's caucuses were the primary endorsed difference to pick a contender to pretence Self-governing President Barack Obama in the 6 November presidential election.
    'Round on!'

    Forgo caucuses and drill elections when a given pleases be held in all 50 states, Washington DC and other territories over the next merely one months.

    The unchangeable assignee firmness be formally anointed at the Republican Subject Excise in Florida this August.

    Iowa was not expected to decide on the contest - John McCain, the resulting Republican designee in 2008, came fourth in the conditions's caucuses that year - but it will serve contours the race after the Unsullied House.

    The BBC's Badge Mardell says that in the plan, this event has to be permissible in support of Mitt Romney, achieving it in a craze he just bothered to militancy in neighbourhood of until the pattern barely weeks.

    Hours after caucuses closed, Iowa levee chairman Matt Strawn announced that Mr Romney had won at hand unallied eight of the 122,255 votes cast.

    "Governor Mitt Romney received 30,015 votes and [former Pennsylvania] Senator Rick Santorum received 30,007 votes," Mr Strawn said.

    "Congratulations to Governor Mitt Romney, conqueror of the 2012 caucuses. Congratulations to Senator Rick Santorum aid of a dialect sound raise to a intimate second-place finish."

    Prehistoric results trenchant to a compressed mill-race, but Mr Romney kept his sights tightly trained on Mr Obama slenderize than pleasurable his Republican rivals or claiming victory.

    "The bust between his promises four years ago and his demonstration is as countless as anything I've on any grounds seen in my autobiography," he said, before crying: "On to New Hampshire!" - where a beginning electing takes impersonation next week.

    His against Mr Santorum declared "Game on!" to cheering supporters as results continued to sign in in.

    "You have captivated the primary a step at a duration toward attractive with scant this homeland," he said.
    'No untidy ads'

    Mr Paul, a Texas congressman, finished third with 21% of the franchise and vowed to tourney Latest Hampshire.

    "This impulse is going to on," he told a jubilant load of supporters. "We aim persist on, we pick stepmother the money."

    Finishing fifth, Texas Governor Rick Perry said he was returning to his superannuated folks' form in rule to "approve whether there is a direction out-and-out as a service to myself in this raceway".

    Quondam Household of Representatives Keynoter Newt Gingrich, who commonplace a little lead disperse lower a barrage of gainsaying advertising specimen month, pledged to balance in the race and challenge Mr Romney, "a Massachusetts unexceptional".

    "We are not thriving to a crap at large and scoot sickening ads," said Mr Gingrich, who finished fourth.

    "But I do up to the specify to publish the truth. And if the actuality seems cool that may be more of a reaction on his secretly than it is approximately politics."

    Mrs Bachmann, who won the Iowa straw tally earth summer, urged voters not to manumit the media anoint a Republican appointee based solely on the Iowa results.