Toàn quốc Best French Restaurant in Hanoi

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    MaisonVie is Best French Restaurant in Hanoi
    Inspired BY the neoclassical French design with carefully rhymed and balanced details, curved arches with gentle motifs, Maison Vie has an old appearance which creates an ample open space that makes use of natural lighting. Long banquet tables are scrupulously decorated to the last information, reminiscent of the sumptuous banquets of the French nobility. Coming to Maison Vie, diners can select from a set menu or perhaps an a la carte menu with a selection of truly French dishes, prepared with fresh ingredients like the luscious lobster caesar salad, smoked duck with vinegar marinade, soup bouillabaisse, pan-fried duck foie gras with red fruit sauce, burgundy snails with garlic butter, shish kabob pork with brand new pepper sauce and grilled tomatoes... The meals are beautifully presented, as well as the service quality iS always extremely valued.